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    Christopher B. Dupont
     Trautman Dupont PLC 
     PO Box 431
     Phoenix, AZ, 85001

     Phone: (602) 770-8942

    Christopher R. Trautman
     Trautman Dupont PLC
     6858 N. 85th Street
     Scottsdale, AZ  85250

     Phone: (602) 670-0073




Christopher Dupont

Mr. Dupont was admitted as an attorney by the State Bar of Arizona in 1992 and immediately began his career as a litigator in private practice.  He has successfully represented clients throughout Arizona in juvenile delinquency, mental health, child dependency, domestic relations and most notably in defense of those accused of committing a crime.

Mr. Dupont is a past President of Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice where he served as Chairman of the Amicus and Strike Force Committee and was three times recognized for his outstanding service with Presidential Commendations.  Mr. Dupont is a Past President of the Board for the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona where he also served as Chairman of the Finance Committee.  Mr. Dupont has also served as Finance Chairman and on the Board for St. Agnes Catholic School.  And he has worked extensively with combat Veterans who have served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Mr. Dupont has lectured extensively to fellow attorneys in Arizona, Nevada, Chicago and New Mexico on topics such as: Presentation of Evidence in Civil Litigation; Federal Discovery in State Court Proceedings; the Criminal Trial from Start to Finish; Addressing Language and Cultural Barriers in Criminal Litigation; International Perspective in Death Penalty Litigation - Co-presented with Consul General Carlos Flores Vizcarro, Consulate of Mexico; Protecting the Undocumented Witness; Justification and Self-Defense; Using International Treaties to Their Full Effect; and International Treaty Compliance Litigation.  The Issue of Race in Capital Litigation and Litigating False Confessions with an eye toward cultural and linguistic realities and challenges.  He has also published articles in the Arizona Advocate, Arizona Attorney Magazine, The Defender, New York Quarterly and Judicature.

Mr. Dupont has been a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the State Bar of Arizona, and the United States District Court.

Most recently, Mr. Dupont was given the Sisyphus award for his outstanding work for his client, the Government of Mexico, as a consultant to death penalty attorneys in the United States, where he has provided assistance to defense teams in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas and South Dakota.  He has also represented the interests of a client in the State of Hawaii.