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    Christopher B. Dupont
     Trautman Dupont PLC 
     PO Box 431
     Phoenix, AZ, 85001

     Phone: (602) 770-8942

    Christopher R. Trautman
     Trautman Dupont PLC
     6858 N. 85th Street
     Scottsdale, AZ  85250

     Phone: (602) 670-0073




Christopher R. Trautman, Esq

Experience is of utmost importance, and Christopher Trautman has been defending his clients against the government for over twenty years.  A criminal prosecution is the most stressful event anyone can face.  The police are usually unfair in their investigations, and this failure to thoroughly investigate results in unfounded criminal charges.  Chris Trautman can level the playing field.  Investigation is the initial key to success, since a criminal defendant needs to develop facts in their favor.  Trautman Dupont PLC uses the best investigators in the business. Attention to detail is also important, such as analyzing the specific reasons for a traffic stop or a search warrant.  Quite often, the police do not have valid legal reasons for stopping a motorist or serving a search warrant, and this is why expertise in traffic and search and seizure law is critical.  An illegal stop or defective search can end your case right there.

Over the years, Chris Trautman has obtained excellent results for his clients through not only knowledge of the law, but hard work.  Mr. Trautman recently represented a high-profile local entertainer falsely accused of serious felony crimes.  Mr. Trautman filed a Motion to Dismiss and two Motions to Suppress.  The codefendant's attorney did not.  The prosecutor dismissed the charges, because the motions were well-researched and thoroughly investigated.  

Mr. Trautman's clients and their cases have appeared on The O'Reilly Factor and various news channels, such as News Channel 3, CBS 5, Fox 10, 12 News and ABC 15.  

Mr. Trautman understands that representation needs to be affordable.  Some cases are destined for trial, but over ninety percent of criminal cases do not end up in trial.  Mr. Trautman can set up a fee agreement so that the client does not pay an exorbitant fee, if the case does not go to trial.  Chris Trautman's areas of practice are criminal law, consumer law and personal injury law.  With regard to criminal law, specific areas include DUI, OUI, assault, theft, shoplifting, possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of narcotic drugs, drug sales offenses, juvenile offenses, sex offenses, game & fish offenses, traffic offenses, driving on suspended license, car insurance offenses, negligent homicide, manslaughter, homicide, indecent exposure, underage drinking, and any other criminal offense.

Chris Trautman also has extensive experience with expungement of criminal records, restoration of firearms rights, restoration of civil rights, expungement of juvenile records, MVD administrative hearings, DES Fingerprint Clearance Card processing and hearings, and personal injury law.  Mr. Trautman also participates as an arbitrator for Maricopa County Superior Court civil cases.

Mr. Trautman is a member of the the United States District Court for the District of Arizona,   Arizona State Bar, the Arizona State Bar Criminal Justice Section, the Arizona State Bar Small Firm and Solo Practice section, and Maricopa County Bar Association.  Mr. Trautman also enjoys rock-climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, camping, glass-blowing, photography, cooking and his family, Carmen, Chris Jr. and Courtney June.