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Charges Dropped Against Accused Teacher-Rapist PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 August 2012 09:34

Charges Dropped Against Accused Teacher-Rapist

Pat McReynolds, Reporter,

AVONDALE, Ariz. Attorney Chris Dupont is spoke for his client Friday, because Brain Willner was out enjoying his first day of freedom in months.

"We knew from the beginning that this was a false accusation. We're relieved that the charges were dismissed, but you can't bring back time and he's suffered tremendously," said Dupont.

Willner was the director of the special education system in the Aqua Fria school district. But that life was destroyed when a 15-year-old girl accused him of rape. The girl has been diagnosed as bi-polar, with ADHD and bouts of psychosis. According to court documents, she also has a history of false statements and accusations. On the day she accused Willner of rape, He had just turned down hers and her mother's request for home schooling.

"Within an hour of finding out that she was going to have to go to this old school potentially, she went home, according to her report, took out a bowl of alphabet soup, took the letters out of the soup and spelled out 'he molested me'," said Dupont.

According to the motion to dismiss the charges, the girl even told her case worker that she was about to 'make something up about somebody'. The grand jury never heard that evidence.

"It's physically impossible for it to happen the way she said. She said it happened in different places. There was never a time when she could have been alone with Brian Willner," said Dupont.

But all of those inconsistencies were seemingly set aside when the accuser and Willner were tested for STD's. Investigators brought them to Scottsdale Healthcare where the results allegedly showed both tested positive for chlamydia.

"Unfortunately, all the samples were destroyed. They did not follow the protocol to get two testings done. The minute that we understood that this would be an issue, Brian was independently tested by the Maricopa County Medical Center, and he was negative. His wife was negative. He did not have Chlamydia," said Dupont.

But on her claims alone, Willner spend a week in jail and months with an ankle bracelet limiting his movements. It wasn't until the girl was interviewed again last week that prosecutors finally decided to drop the charges.

"There's a whole industry that's grown around the concept that kids don't lie about sexual abuse. We know kids do lie, and that's the way it happened in this case," said Dupont.

CBS5 News contacted lawyers for Scottsdale Healthcare, but they could not immediately answer why the tests were destroyed and never turned over to Willner's attorneys.

The Avondale police department also could not provide anyone to answer why only some of the accusor's history of false statements were presented to the grand jury.

The Agua Fria School District plans to have a meeting with Willner to discuss his future, but Dupont told CBS5 News that his client will most likely start his career over in another state.