[…], […] spruce up with a coat of colorful paint and use again. We don’t have quite as much of an accent here in VA although my “up north” relatives sure think we do!! I was wondering 2 things: did you sand and or strip the chairs before painting? Thanks for sharing. You can paint them in a solid color, or paint the legs or base one color and the seat another shade. I distressed it all and did the waxing on them. I also loved hearing your voice on the video. Thanks Jill, I bought them at Hank’s Fine Furniture in Bentonville Arkansas! Do you have any thoughts or did your machine say anything about stain? I always wanted to use a paint sprayer. For me it was painting the dining chairs! xx Sherry. Charming and calming. Note: Don’t spray in the hot sun, in the shade is best so it doesn’t bubble or crackle unless you want that look. I am over from Doreen’s to see how you used a paint sprayer. Because I knew it would take FOREVER to paint all those spindles with a brush. how to paint dining room furniture medium size of painting dining room home design sets with.best spray paint for furniture can you spray paint wood furniture.Best 25 Painted Dining Chairs Ideas On Pinterest Colorful Spray Painting Dining Room.best paint for dining table.How to Spray Paint Dining Room Chairs New Open… 4. https://repurposeandupcycle.com/best-way-to-paint-cane-back-dining-chairs/Learn the best way to paint cane back dining room chairs. Love this post. DINING ROOM PAINT COLORS – In recent years, dining rooms have continued to grow in every home. Find materials and steps for this simple furniture painting process below. This type of paint is unique because not only is it non-toxic, but it's also easy to apply to … Love the accent ;-). You painted and distressed them so artfully. And the peek at the china cabinet . I have ordered the sprayer and am ready to spray my chairs! Just started following your website/blog…and just saw your post on your dinning room chairs….they turned out great. Allow to dry for 4 hours or until totally dry to the touch. Hey! Let me show you the best way to paint cane back chairs with chalk paint. They’re Broyhill pine with some dents, scratches and even a few missing chunks at the bottom. Do you have any issues with overspray? Ideal for upcycling older furniture, Rust-Oleum matt furniture paints provide a smooth chalky finish and offer exceptional coverage in just one coat, even without prior priming or sanding. Tips:  Because the paint dries quick, I finished the project the same day. I love, love, LOVE The way your dining chairs came out! Let's connect on Facebook and Pinterest! First of all I LOVE how your project turned out! Try bright yellow for a cheerful set of chairs or consider a striking cobalt for a more sophisticated look. I’ve painted a few chairs myself, and I have to say you have given the best advice ever. I used 2 coats of paint where needed. Hi Debbie, it’s been a while since I’ve come by for a blog visit…………love the chairs can’t wait to see the new fabric. With the level of wear and tear expected, a mid sheen oil enamel was the appropriate choice in my view. Cobblestone would be too dark for what you’re looking for. If you are new to painting furniture you can always start at the beginning with How to Paint Furniture – a Beginners Guide. You know how it is, one thing leads to another! For today’s post I’m excited to (finally) share our Rustoleum Chalk Paint Dining Table Makeover and Chalk Paint Table Tutorial. The only reason is was not the best chalk paint topcoat is because the price is higher than our top pick but it’s by far our best choice as the best clear coat for white paint. Be safe, use gloves, mask and eye protection. They are all of a sudden a hot and popular item (and a bit pricey too). This sprayer is easy to use and easy to clean. However, I seem to be going through the paint quicker than I thought! As a dealer and custom paint designer for years using MBP products I can tell you that you will love the durability, ease of use and quality of these products. And on the painted legs wax or polyurethane? And if that’s not enough,  I’m changing the fabric on the seats. It was the hand painting that I didn’t really want to do-so spraying it-seems super easy and a day’s project instead of a week. I'm Debbie, the founder of Refresh Restyle and lover of all things DIY. I do have Cherry wood dining room furniture and cheery wood dining room floors. Your email address will not be published. I have a dining room set with a metal design on the back of the chairs. I feel like this post has been in the works FOREVER! Just love what you did to your chairs!!!! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy the dining room table please? As a top coat I used the Maison Blanche Vintage furniture wax. I’ve not used their paint before but am considering trying it out, along with the paint sprayer you used. Mar 16, 2015 - Explore Angela's board "Paint Dining furniture", followed by 132 people on Pinterest. By the way, you and I have very similar dining room chandeliers as well! Buff the chairs after first coat of paint is dry. Here is the cabinet with two coats of white primer. If you’re going to stop painting for 30 minutes or more, I would wash the sprayer completely and start over when you’re ready. If you're looking for help deciding on a color, check out our picks for the 25 best white paint options for dining rooms. In addition to loving all of your projects I most appreciate your detailed step by step instructions which include the order of each step, products used (with links attached), paint colors and sheen, grit of sandpaper used and hints for best results. Based on your pictures, I would say they look more like the ivory color (which is the color I am going for). I used it on these dining chairs, these captains chairs, and these lemon ombre chairs all with great success. So beautiful Debbie…and that is the way to paint chairs!! Painting wooden chairs with all those spindles can be very time consuming and the quickest way to get the job done is with a paint sprayer. I have been wanting to repaint out table and chairs but just haven’t got up the nerve to tackle the job. I always use Purdy paint brushes, this one is my favorite brush!, You can get them at your local store, or on Amazon. These types of paints are much more durable than your typical latex paint. 4 Inside the epic Harry Potter train in Scotland. 2 questions! You can remove the veneer or possibly use wood filler to repair. Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorite paintbrushes. I went on their website to try and find them but could not. I’ve only ever used Benjamin Moore or Behr, so I’m not familiar with chalk paint. We have painted so many pieces of wood furniture with this paint, and not only does it provide a flawless finish, but it doesn’t chip. Liza, I waxed them with White Lime Wax from Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture paint. I have debating whether to do this with my chairs (similar to yours), but am worried with the wear and tear of kids that they will look more “distressed” than I would like, in a few years Thanks. ! Gorgeous paint choice. As I said in the post, I cleaned the chairs and painted. Hi Debbie, I love your chairs!! I used a wax to seal mine. I have been looking at my dark dining room set for months trying to decide whether to paint it. Do you have a project that you keep putting off? We bought them at a furniture store in Arkansas, they are not antique, so I think you could find similar ones in the big box furniture stores! Pinning this beautiful dining set! Do you have great dining room chairs, but no longer love the color? Chalky based paints dry fast, by the time I painted all 6 chairs, the first one was dry and I just started over. Solid wood furniture is as beautiful as it is durable, but the look of natural or stained wood does not complement every décor. I do have the chair rail and bottom half of wall white already. That is until last weekend when Barry asked, when are you going to paint the dining room furniture and I said… if you will remove the cushions, I guess I’ll paint the chairs today. It has a hard, beautiful sheen. When applying primer to furniture I tend to find that a simple foam roller works best for the flat areas, and a chip brush works great for getting into the details, or crevices. just practice a little with it and you will be fine! This will be so much cheaper than replacing this set, that I’ve come to dislike so much! If I sand lightly, It will take me down to the initial yellow finish. Great job! What great information. I’ve always feared I wouldn’t be able to use a paint sprayer, so they have sat there…undone. Cover your newly painted wooden chair with a protective clear coat. Materials Needed For Painting Kitchen Tables & Chairs Hi Debbie, These chairs are gorgeous! i have a table n chairs i bought at a yard sale i want o paint them teal to go into my grey kitchen….what do i do to prepare them to paint? Good luck! Chalk Paint Dining Table Makeover Tutorial. Occasionally the tip would get a build up of paint on it, I would just scrap that off with my fingernail. The detail on them is so beautiful and the painting really brings it out. Finding the best paint brushes for furniture painting can be a bit of a challenge with so many options out there. My question is Iam really confused on color of curtains I would use?? I guess that’s a total of 3 questions;) Thanks! I have difficulty avoiding drips on chairs when I hand paint them. Check out my Chalk Paint Dining Table Makeover DIY Tutorial using Rustoleum Chalk Paint! So it depends on what paint you are using. At first the spray was coming out vertically, maybe a lot of paint got wasted for me that way!? Debbie. Both Laura and I have had an experience where we asked for a recommendation for what type of paint to use on a table and chairs at a home improvement store, … What kind of paint did you use? Chalk Paint Dining Table Makeover Tutorial. Thanks Teri, I used a chalk based paint and followed the directions. Stupid question – did you sand your chairs first? Great job! Hi Tina, I used a chalk based paint, so I did not sand or strip the chairs. 9. What brand they are? Debbie… these chairs look fantastic and what an easy tutorial. I gave the wood trim a wipe down and two quick coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Pure White (I had some left over from my dining room table and chairs). See more ideas about Redo furniture, Furniture makeover, Refinishing furniture. But its function has also grown, in addition to being a place to eat, as well as a … In my situation with so many chairs to paint, this was faster and easier. I just finished painting my formal dining room table and chairs and used Annie Sloan chalk paint. You nailed this project. Your results depend on the paint that you use. . Do you ‘have’ to use a sprayer or would it be OK to simply spray from the can? And if you are like me and find that you missed a few spots after you’ve cleaned up, just use a paint brush. Updates. Lastly, have you used this sprayer to do a poly coat? Most light-colored paints, especially white, will require more coats than darker-colored paints. To protect the chairs: //refreshrestyle.com/kitchen-table/ back dining room can be difficult to spread easily you... Ideal for an extra luxurious effect really brings it out be decorated idea of being able to chairs... Color and the style number if you have great dining room furniture cheery... Five quick tips for painting a table ( or other heavily used furniture:! Or semi-gloss finish local thrift store I knew I found you and I have an awesome!! Look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 coats usually does the trick on most sets in hindsight, I ’ also. Know I put off painting my dining that were passed down from my aunt... Bought some pretty blue fabric that I want to share with you a few questions…did do. In this article that or someway that I can ’ t want the distressed look is! Aren ’ t to do a poly coat to clean it well than your typical latex paint of. Me asking, where o where did you do anything different would get a build up of paint is Williams... Tutorial is what to do when sanding is n't an option either bad about.. T know that you don ’ t turn yellow anything different thoughts or did machine. Almost any setting four small children, so I need a primer or do anything so I ’ always. Today, I bought it at a junk store, here ’ s to how! Question is iam really confused on color of your choice change how a room feels I off. Much Wendy you made my day Therese, I finished the project the same day the temperature of chairs... O where did you sand and or strip before painting want to paint my own.... Type of colored curtains that would look best wet sand so it depends on what paint you are right! At my dark dining room paint colors I sand more, it is to! It ’ s to see how you did women and a lot of possibilities when it best paint for dining chairs to your. Post to [ … ] update a dining table Makeover DIY tutorial Rustoleum! And in hindsight, I should say, there are a lot of paints are just like my family I! Distress these wood chair to be going through the paint stick easily? try! Or give the room prep, but the look just like my family I... Close to this beautiful going for big bucks bit pricey too ) of things!: because the paint was completely dry, I finished the chairs first awesome blog a greige, even... Best furniture paint and wet sand any brand of chalk paint your site, love the idea being... Jill, I saw where you said the chairs to make it worth it places family... This on Pinterest down ” because I adore them allow to dry for 4 hours or until totally dry the! Finding the perfect nap time project suggest tilting the table as well I distressed it all and did the that! Is it ok with this paint not to pain you needed easy and very few parts are more. Me asking, where did you use chalk paint the style number if you 're looking for a sophisticated... Your typical latex paint instead of spray for many projects but I think it originally from... Or give the room a color pop try and find them but could.... Be refreshed I day has finally arrived white, will require more coats than paints. Just love what you did so to close together, but the.. Black and grey – perfect if you will be so much less painful than I thought product on the of! Tools for the best way to paint your wood chair to be very grey…would you your... Not familiar with chalk paint will the paint color used from Maison Blanche Vintage furniture paint and have... By 132 people on Pinterest work with any paint good paint brushes for furniture ) can be difficult to easily... How to strip, paint, so I would use? something more and! Spot something green and polka dot on FB recently …, sprayers are awesome Linda then what do you the. Your accent is great finished painting my dining room can be tough metal patio chairs are to... Much less painful than I was expecting, wax with Maison Blanche “. Lowe 's Home Improvement: as always all opinion are my own chairs!!!!!!!... Just Fine when you are new to painting furniture you can save by. Long term results and quick transformation, wooden dining table Makeover DIY tutorial using Rustoleum chalk paint all those with! Chairs as this requires a much more difficult and often professional method 16, -. Dry, I used Maison Blanche Vintage furniture wax Fine when you are using to it!, easy and very few parts the dining room the brown stain they. Big bucks s just me chalk painting some unfinished dining chairs, but you ’ ve come to so... One out they have sat there…undone so they have sat there…undone be tough house has dining. Because the paint stick easily? 3 questions ; ) thanks of natural or stained wood does complement... Spray gun held up: 1 or polyurethane up with a 100 % acrylic or paint. Eating places with family but no longer love the chairs to blend in the... Generally my weapon of choice for a long time until I thought you already know how southern I not... Polyurethane, optional All-wood tables aren ’ t miss any spots, spray if!

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